Beach Day Picnic Party

7200_10102031255075394_1638535535_nI’ve always felt sorry for people that don’t live close to the ocean. Sure, there’s peacefulness about forests, mountains and even deserts, but nothing compares to the ocean. I was spoiled. I got to grow up near the ocean in southeastern Connecticut and spent weeks in the Outer Banks as a child. The beach is one of the things I miss most about living in the Washington, D.C., area.  It’s not just spending lazy summer mornings lying in the sand that I miss though. I also miss just being able to see the ocean on a daily basis not to mention the lack of fresh seafood is a bit depressing.

When, the editors of The Latin Kitchen asked me to write an article on planning a beach picnic it was easy. After all, all that time I’ve spent on the beach normally included food.  What is it about the beach that always leaves you starving?

The key to planning the right beach picnic is having the right menu, the right supplies and picking the right location. Learn how to plan the perfect beach picnic by reading the article.  And if you’re looking for some inspiring recipes try out these options from GOYA’s Carey Yorio.

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