Talking Nitro cold brew coffee with Sail Away Coffee’s Chris Vetter

“What’s the first thing you look forward to in the morning? Coffee. Grabbing that first cup of coffee. I get to share the experience with people everyday,” Christopher Vetter said. I’m sitting with Vetter in Huntington hotspot Vaux Hall on a still mild January day a glass of his company’s nitro cold brew in front … [Read more…]

The Best Coffee In…

I’ve always thought you can tell a lot about a place from its coffee shops. A café where people rush in, order and hurry out isn’t a guarantor of a hyperactive culture but it’s not a great start for those who like to savor their mornings over some java. A place where single origin pour is the … [Read more…]

5 Bubbly Alternatives to Champagne

There’s something about a glass filled with sparkling bubbly that makes the drink feel more festive. It’s in the bubbles, those light, airy, aromatic bubbles. Champagne is the holiday sparkling bubbly of choice, but really champagne is just champagne because it comes from the Champagne region of France. There are plenty of other sparkling wine … [Read more…]

The taco is the new burger

Sometimes you just need a taco. 4.5 billion of them to be exact. That’s how many tacos Americans ate in 2014, enough that if you laid them out end-to-end they’d reach the moon and back. They’re the ultimate street food, but don’t simply think food carts or Mexican eateries. Definitely don’t think fast food. In … [Read more…]