Eat Your Way Through Baltimore

fried-icecream.-bridget-shirvell-mainBaltimore may be just 45-minutes north of Washington, D.C., but that’s about where the closeness of the two cities ends. Dubbed the “charm city,” after a 1970s advertising campaign, Baltimore is gritty where D.C. is polished. But what Baltimore lacks in sparkle it makes up for in personality. The Baltimore food scene ,gaining in recognition in some foodie circles, reflects the city’s history, culture and creativity. Historic Lexington Market offers a plethora of food options, while more au courant food trucks have started popping up near Baltimore’s many college campuses, and then there’s the Fells Point lively restaurant scene on the waterfront, with upscale dining. But the one thing that unites all of them is, without a doubt, Maryland crabs.

In a city so in love with its native shellfish, I set out to see if it was possible to find Latin food for The Latin Kitchen’s Foodcrawling series. I discovered there are in fact plenty of delicious and authentic bites of Latin food awaiting anyone daring enough to find them. There are bars serving calamari Mexicana, food stalls serving fried ice cream and restaurants serving what else but crab cakes with a Latin twist. So, the next time you find yourself in Baltimore, craving a meal, try out one of these five eateries.

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