Fall Wine

Stocking up on fall wine

When in Connecticut, stock up on wine? O.K., while Connecticut does have some great wineries– Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington Vineyard, Jonathan Edwards Winery to name a few–I’m not normally the type of person to go crazy buying a ton of wine all at once. I think our wine rack has been full only once, and it only holds six bottles of wine. Holmberg Orchards in Ledyard, however, has one of the best fall wine I’ve ever had. They have an apple cranberry blend made from their orchards and it’s sweet enough that you almost think it’s juice without being so sweet it gives you a killer hangover. It’s a nice light wine to enjoy with cheese and crackers or as a dessert wine.

Last autumn, we discovered the wine when we were living in Connecticut and went apple picking and then wine tasting at Holmberg Orchards. Nathan and I almost never agree on anything but the apple cranberry wine we both loved so we spent the rest of the fall buying a bottle each Sunday and then sitting outside on our porch drinking it with cheese and crackers. If you turned your head just the right way and squinted your eyes just so you even got to drink it while in view of the Mystic River.

Now, that we live further away than a 15-minute drive from Holmberg Orchards, (do you have any idea how long it takes to drive from Washington, D.C., to Connecticut during a holiday weekend) we decided to stock up on our favorite wine while we were there. And by stock up I mean we filled up that wine rack with room to spare. Hopefully, it will last until Thanksgiving when my family comes down and brings us more. If we’re cooking for them they least they can do is provide the wine, right?

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