Getting the Dish

Something special is simmering in the kitchens at Loews Hotels & Resorts in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. And while all these recently opened restaurants and bars are shiny and brand-new, there’s something rather familiar about them.

Combining traditional comfort food and classic cocktails with unexpected twists, chefs and mixologists have upped the ante on what’s considered straightforward sustenance. Nostalgic dishes and timeless drinks

Such as an Old-Fashioned, steak and eggs, sloppy Joes and clambakes are thoughtfully prepared with a modern touch, whether it’s incorporating artisanal ingredients or presenting them in unconventional ways. The result is approachable fare that pays homage to Americana while staying true to today’s trends. Reinvigorated interior design, meanwhile, breathes life into these spaces, providing the perfect modern backdrops to the menus.

Hope you’re hungry, because I got the dish on the new restaurants at Loews Hotels & Resorts for Loews Magazine.

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