Life Update: Tying the Knot

So I got married…


Nate and I officially tied the knot on Aug. 16, after more than a year of a planning! It was the most perfect day ever, gorgeous, unusually cool for August weather, no major disasters although the delivery of the chairs to the Old Lighthouse ended up happening about when the guests were arriving, and the guests…family and friends from around the world flew in for the weekend. It was such a happy, dream-like day!


It’s just about three-months and we’re settling into married life. Honestly, it’s not really any different since we had already lived together for about two years, (OK, introducing Nate as my husband is a bit bizarre). More wedding pics, because our photographer Jennifer Bach was amazing and the photo booth from Top Hat Photo Booth was so much fun…























The wait was the hardest part. We got engaged in February 2013 and quickly decided we wanted to get married outside at Old Lighthouse in Stonington, Conn., the location of our first date and have the reception in Mystic at the Mystic Yachting Center. Due to availability at MYC, the planned restoration of the Old Lighthouse in late 2013/early 2014 (never ended up happening) and wanting to make it as easy as possible for Nate’s dad to leave his farm in Washington state for a few days we ended up picking the Aug. 16 date (a date we later learned was very lucky as it’s also the anniversary of two couples who attended our wedding).

The more than a year of planning gave me plenty of time to obsess over little detail. First the food, of course, which the only thing I ate were the Stonington Sea Scallops, excellent by the way, then my dress, the decorations, the bridesmaid and groomsmen attire, cocktails…


During the winter and early spring of 2014 I was working on pieces for The Latin Kitchen featuring seasonal ingredients for spring and summer cocktails. I used Nate as my test-taster for the drinks and when we started thinking about wedding cocktails we went back to them, ultimately settling on a mixture of rum, ginger and blackberries, recipe below. Oh, and if you want to see copious amounts of wedding photos, feel free to check out Bach’s photo blog and our Rebel Mouse gallery.

Blackberry Rum Fizz
4-5 blackberries
3 sugar cubes
2 oz of white rum of choice
2 oz of ginger soda of choice
additional blackberries for garnish

Place 4 or 5 blackberries in a glass with 3 sugar cubes. Muddle together until sugar cubs have dissolved.

Add ice to glass. Follow with 2 oz of white rum of your choice and 2 oz of ginger soda of your choice. Top off with additional fresh blackberries.

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