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Mee-che-lah-dah. Spring break in Playa del Carmen was the first time I had ever heard the word. Being immediately intrigued by the way the word rolled off the tongue of the man ordering it at the bar I quickly ordered one too. A sip of the beer, lime base and I was hooked on the light, refreshingly taste. That was my first introduction to Micheladas the beer cocktail that is so popular in Mexico but just recently became popular in the US.

In March, I learned all about the history of Micheladas. Or, rather its disputed history since there seems to be a bit of disagreement on the origins of the drink. I spoke with chefs, mixologists and restaurant owners including Bryan Lewis of South Carolina’s Basico and got tips on how to make them at home along with their favorite recipes. Read the piece and check out the recipes at The Latin Kitchen.

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