New Year, New Town, New Gig

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It’s been a crazy few months.

First there the decision to move back up the coast. Then there was the crazy rush to find an apartment when the moved needed to happen sooner than originally anticipated. Then there were jobs to apply for, job offers and job acceptance. Then there was the packing, organizing and actual move. And in between there was a week at Kip Camp in Ohio, wedding planning in Connecticut and adjusting to a new media company.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much time to breathe let alone post updates.

We’re now settling into Port Washington, on, that’s right Long Island. I know, not one of the places I would’ve ever expected we’d move to either but so far we’re loving it. We can walk to the shops and restaurants, the fiancé-person can take the train to the work and when the new office opens I can be at the office in less than 15 minutes.

New business cards #newjob #newstate #newcity #bizcards #longisland #digital

That new office is Long Island Pulse, where I’m their first-ever digital editor. I know, I apparently never take a job that anyone has ever had before, but so far it’s challenging, overwhelming and a ton of fun. We’re posting daily original online content for the first time ever, working on turning that into a daily must read for Long Island, growing our collection of online content and growing our social media pages.

And when I’m not at Long Island Pulse, we’re exploring Long Island and going back to visit friends and family in Connecticut a lot more often.

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