Appetizers at a Dinners at the Farm dinner.

Appetizers at a Dinners at the Farm dinner.

Psst: Black Wine Is the New Trend You Need to Know
Pure Wow, December 2017. Step away from the rosé—it’s time to try the chic new wine on the block. (Well, new to us, anyway.).

Why a Mom (and Entrepreneur) Has Her Own Line of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Martha Stewart, November 2017. Katina Mountanos wants you to think differently about this ubiquitous ingredient.

Inside Tribeca’s Underground Farm
Edible Manhattan, November 2017. Underneath the restaurant Atera, Farm.One is growing more than 500 products for city restaurants..

Pop-Up Cuisine
Edible Bronx, September 2017. It was either going to be brilliant or nothing short of a disaster.

The Best Cheap Eats in the Hamptons
PureWow, July 2017.  What if a trip to your favorite public park could double as a trip to the grocery store? If along with enjoying the open space, sunshine and fresh air you could pick apples, snip kale and harvest tomatoes?

Why You Need to Eat a Lobster Roll Right Now
Martha Stewart, July 2017. Sometimes you want a fancy, LBD-required dinner. Other times, you want a taco stand on the side of a road. And sure, while spending wildly on cheffy food may be second nature in the Hamptons, this is also an old-school beach town at heart with some seriously delectable cheap eats. Here are five of our favorites.

At Williamsburg’s Llama Inn, the Proof Is in the Pisco
Edible Manhattan, July 2017. Expect purple Peruvian potato puree in your pisco sour.

This Floating Food Forest Wants to Reshape New York City Parks
Edible Bronx, June 2017.  What if a trip to your favorite public park could double as a trip to the grocery store? If along with enjoying the open space, sunshine and fresh air you could pick apples, snip kale and harvest tomatoes?

Taste the Caribbean on this Bustling Bronx Corner
Edible Bronx, June 2017.  It’s a scene that plays out countless times all over the city: harried office workers, commuters and visitors lined up at nondescript food carts.

PSA: Eleven Madison Park Is Popping Up in the Hamptons This Summer
PureWow, May 2017.  Every year, a fresh crop of restaurants competes for the attention of hungry (and discerning) Hamptonites. But this year, one spot is bound to be the most coveted reservation in town: Eleven Madison Park. The revered NYC stalwart that was recently named the world’s best restaurant, is—much like everyone else in Manhattan—headed east for the summer.

On Some Long Island Farms, a Cautious Optimism for the Era of President Trump
Edible Long Island, April 2017.  The election of reality TV host and businessman Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States stunned both his supporters and opponents on Long Island, across the United States and even around the world. Early into the presidency it was obvious this would be an unprecedented era in the U.S. Yet on many Long Island farms, Trump’s presidency is being met with optimism—albeit with a side of caution.

New York City Seeks to Create a ‘Craigslist for Food Pantries’
Civil Eats, April 2017.  A proposed city-managed website would create a place for supermarkets and grocery stores to donate leftover food to nonprofits that feed the hungry.

Will This Vegan Burger Convert Even Committed Carnivores?
Martha Stewart, March 2017.  Sometimes you just need a burger. A big, juicy patty, naked, or with cheese, or all the fixings. One bite and all your worries seem to vanish. But if that patty isn’t made of meat is it still a burger? And will meat lovers want to eat it? Impossible Foods founder and CEO Patrick O. Brown is betting on it.

With Wi-Fi and Grow Lights, a Mushroom Farm Grows in City Restaurants
Edible Brooklyn, March 2017. Off a dead-end industrial street in Bushwick is the soon-to-be home of three 40-foot shipping containers that might just redefine farm-to-table dining.

Come spring the shipping containers will be the headquarters of Smallhold Labs, a distributed farming start-up founded by Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino, that wants to make local food more affordable for restaurants and supermarkets.

Made in Park Slope, These Italian Cakes Will Be the Star of Your Holiday Party
Edible Brooklyn, December 2016.  To bite into a slice of Francesca Spalluto’s torta al pistacchio is to be transported to Sicily. Each taste is luscious and lively with hints of citrus that almost make it possible to envision the sparkling blue water, smell the salt air and hear the noise of the island. It’s how Spalluto hoped people would react when she began Dolci di Franci in 2014.

Is This the End of Avocado Toast?
Martha Stewart, November 2016.  Avocados, we heart you.
Pictures of sliced avocado atop thick pieces of bread take over our Instagram feeds on the weekends. We swap notes with officemates over new ingredients to add to our guacamole. We have at least one friend who excitedly texted the avocado emoji when Apple released it to early adopters.

What to Try When Dig Inn Debuts Its New Breakfast Program
Edible Manhattan, October 2016.  The Upper East Side Dig Inn will be the chain’s twelfth New York location and the first one to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How This Made-in-NY Coffee Roaster Is Doing More Than Just Serving a Cup of Joe
DNAinfo, August 2016. Dan Streetman is on a quest for a fresh, bright cup of coffee. The vice president and green coffee buyer of made-in-NY success story,Irving Farm Coffee Roasters travels the world tasting dozens of cups at a time, selecting one or two to bring back to New York.

5 Cocktails to Make at Your Summer Soiree
Beyond Words Magazine, July 2016. The days are getting long, lazy and hot. The perfect way to cool them down or spice them up is with a summer soirée. The last thing that should happen at your party, however, is you stuck behind a bar. You’re the host, not an on-call mixologist. Enter big batch cocktails. We asked some of our favorite bartenders to share the recipes that top their summer extravaganzas. From a Passion Pom Margarita to a Blueberry Maple Lemonade to a Sparkling Sangria, there’s a festive cocktail for every summer weekend BBQ, beachside bonfire, clambake or whatever else you’re throwing this summer.

Creating a Home Chef’s Paradise in Brooklyn
Long Island Pulse, April 2016. Japanese knives, cast iron skillets, olive oils—crammed into every nook and cranny of Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Kitchen are tools and tricks of the trade for both the serious home chef and the 20-something still trying to figure out exactly how long water takes to boil. It’s a foodie treasure trove. One that in the age of the on-demand economy where you can have everything from your laundry to tonight’s dinner delivered with the push of a button hasn’t just survived but has thrived.

Artisan Food Paradise Comes to the North Shore
Long Island Pulse, April 2016. Jenn and Charlie Mastropaolo are nothing if not ambitious. While the food hall trend has swept much of the nation–23 opened in 2015 alone–it hasn’t quite made it to Long Island. Until now. The Mastropalolos who can trace their hospitality roots to 1916 when Charlie’s great grandfather bought a butcher shop in Brooklyn opened the closest thing to a food hall Long Island has in late 2015.

10 Food Trends We’ll See in 2016
Beyond Words Magazine, January 2016. New Year, new food. As 2016 kicks off, everyone has his or her prediction for the food we’ll be craving and how we’ll be eating it this year. The National Restaurant Association released its food forecast, as did Food Network and even Pinterest. That’s a lot of predictions to wade through. To help narrow it down, I spoke with Local Forager for Whole Foods Market’s Northeast Region Elly Truesdell and chefs Tom Gray of Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails, Doug Turbush of Seed Kitchen & Bar, Stem Wine Bar and Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar and Kevin Gillespie of Red Beard Restaurants to get their delicious takes on this year’s food trends. Think food anytime you want it, oysters exploding and sourcing playing an even bigger role in how we dine. Ready, set, eat: These are 10 of the food trends we’re looking forward to this year.

Elevating Mexican Street Food
Long Island Pulse, November 2015; Sometimes you just need a taco. 4.5 billion of them to be exact. That’s how many tacos Americans ate in 2014, enough that if you laid them out end-to-end they’d reach the moon and back.

How to Find Dinner in the Woods
Long Island Pulse, October 2015; Weaving through the maze of trails in Sunken Meadow Park, Steve Brill pauses and pulls at a plant that is dark green, heart-shaped with scallop- edged leaves.

“Garlic mustard,” he said. “I have to keep my eyes open.”

Brill, also known as Wildman Steve, is a forager. He spends his days in various parts of the tri-state area searching for edible weeds, herbs and bushes. He’s one of a growing number of foragers in the United States that find their own food, sometimes selling it to local restaurants or teaching foodies about the edible plants.

Houston’s Street Baijiu Bar
Long Island Pulse, October 2015; Three Chinese characters at the bottom of a staircase, underneath a hat shop on Houston Street are the only clues to the home of a bar serving a traditional Chinese celebratory liquor. Once inside the subterranean, decadent den of Lumos NYC, dramatic lighting, an atmosphere inspired by 1940s film noir and bartenders serving up Baijiu (pronounced bye-joe) greet you.

Is it Ethical to Eat Foie Gras?
Long Island Pulse, September 2015; Ask several different people what they think of foie gras and you’ll get a different answer from each. A few may stare at you blankly, one may correct your pronunciation of the French word, it’s fwah grah if you’re wondering, and the rest…you’ll get the it’s gross, it’s delicious and then you’ll get those that vehemently say it’s unethical to eat.

Keeping the Long Island Duck Tradition Alive
Long Island Pulse, September 2015; Bup…bup…squeak. Douglas Corwin is talking to days-old ducklings on his family farm in Aquebogue. The yellow birds with soft baby feathers are responding with squeaks gathering closer to Corwin.

Vegan Food Finds a Place on Long Island
Long Island Pulse, August 2015. rom fast to casual to fine dining, it’s easier than ever to find a restaurant serving vegan food on Long Island. Head to Roosevelt Field Mall, where Seasons 52 has a vegan menu and vegan fast food is available at Maoz, Green Leafs, Little Beets, Potatopia and Johnny Rockets. In Huntington, Toast & Co. offers a vegan brunch menu, and in Freeport there’s even vegan soft-serve ice cream.

Vine to Table: Wolffer Launches Island’s First Winery-Owned Restaurant
Long Island Pulse, August 2015. There’s a new must-try restaurant to add to your summer dining bucket list. One in the heart of the Hamptons, with Mediterranean-influenced dishes and operated by one of your favorite East End vineyards.

4 Essential Dishes on LT Burger’s New Breakfast Menu
Long Island Pulse, July 2015. The same team that brought the East End mouthwatering burgers, fried pickles and creamy milkshakes is now curing summer hangovers and appeasing morning appetites. LT Burger in Sag Harbor recently began opening for breakfast and the new morning menu offers comfort food with an upscale approach.

Seed to Cup
Long Island Pulse, July 2015. You’ve never had a cup of coffee like this before. Coffee so fresh it smacks you, as Jessica Dunne likes say. Dunne is one part of the duo behind North Fork Coffee Roasting Co. The artisan company opened in Southold on Valentine’s Day.

9 NYC Rooftop Bars Not to Miss
Long Island Pulse, June 2015. Ahh..summer. The days are long, lazy and meant to be enjoyed from above. Whether indulging in brunch on the weekends, sipping cocktails after work or having a night cap, rooftop bars offer stunning views, delicious and innovative menus and an escape from the bustle of the street.

What to Eat at the Belmont Stakes
Long Island Pulse, June 2015. Belmont Park Centerplate Executive Chef Anelise Miller, aka Chef Bell, has created the Belmont Stakes menu for four years and every year she said people were happy with the menu, but there was something missing.

Dive On In To Fresh Seafood in Harlem
Long Island Pulse, June 2015. Nestled onto a street in West Harlem is a little taste of the Caribbean. No, you can’t smell the salty ocean air but there are steampots of seafood, picnic tables in an outdoor garden and the casual feel of beachside eating.

Restaurant Legends Meet
Long Island Pulse, April 2015. New York City’s Delmonico’s is America’s oldest fine-dining restaurant. But New Orleans’s Antoine’s is the country’s oldest continuously operating restaurant. Each is a restaurant legend. These are kitchens that created many of the dishes we call American classics.

Chasing Sea Scallops
Long Island Pulse, March 2015. In tiny Stonington Borough, Connecticut, at the spot where narrow streets give way to fishing docks and the smell of salt water becomes almost overwhelming, sits a tiny unobtrusive building. It’s here that scallop lovers from up and down the east coast come to buy Bomster Scallops directly from the family that fishes for them.

Celebrate the Season with 6 Bright Cava Cocktails
The Latin Kitchen, November 2014. Don’t call it champagne! Cava, a fizzy Spanish wine, undergoes the same process as champagne but is so much more versatile. After years of being the butt of jokes, cava has finally arrived and with its range of flavors from sweet to dry, it’s an ideal cocktail ingredient

Toss or Keep? When to Replace Your Pots
The Latin Kitchen, September 2014. A ruined pot can destroy food just as easily as adding too much salt to a dish. But treat your pots and pans right and they can give you a lifetime of delicious meals. How do you know when it’s time to give up on those cooper pots your grandmother gave you or to upgrade from your sister’s hand-me downs?

The Dish
Loews Magazine, Fall 2014. Something special is simmering in the kitchens at Loews Hotels & Resorts in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

5 Best Chiles en Nogada for Mexican Independence Day
The Latin Kitchen, September 2014. It’s a dish full of flavor, texture, and symbolism. Toasted, peeled poblano chili peppers stuffed with picadillo, a filling of shredded meat, dried fruits and spices, topped with a creamy walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds.

There’s a Venomous Fish We Should All Be Eating
VICE, June 2014. The next time you find yourself on a snorkeling expedition, watch your back. If you spot one of those beautiful lionfish (a.k.a. Pterois) and are quickly trying to adjust your underwater camera for a snap, don’t bother.

Sexy Summer Sips: What to Drink Now
The Latin Kitchen, June 2014. The days are starting to get long, lazy and hot. The perfect way to cool them down (or spice them up) is with a summer cocktail. In the spirit of summer fun, mixologists from across the US shared the recipes that are topping their drink menus with TLK. 

How to: Make Jarritos at Home
The Latin Kitchen, April 2014. If you’ve spent time in a Mexican restaurant, you’ve probably noticed bottles full of colorful liquid in a curvy, clear glass: Jarritos.

How to: Make Micheladas at Home
The Latin Kitchen, April 2014. Mee-che-lah-dah. This beer cocktail is wildly popular in Mexico though it’s just begun to take it’s place in the spotlight in the United States. Made with a tomato and spice base, the cocktail is mixed with a Mexican lager, fresh lime juice, and hot sauce then poured into a salt and spice rimmed glass. Ready for a sip?

Farm-to-Table: Meet Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley
Verily Magazine, December 2013For Washington, D.C. chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley, a lively childhood in the kitchen led to a career that she hopes will keep people healthy, happy, and full. “I feel like I grew up in the kitchen, it was such a big part of my family life,” she tells me.

Are you locavore enough to take the 100-mile Thanksgiving challenge?
PBS NewsHour, November 2013Is it possible to have a Thanksgiving meal prepared with only ingredients from within 100-miles?

Regional recipes for a local Thanksgiving
PBS NewsHour, November 2013. The first Thanksgiving started a harvest celebration that lasted for three days and consisted of deer, corn and shellfish, local food from within 100 miles of Plymouth, Mass. nearly four centuries later, it’s almost easier to fix a meal with food from 1,000 miles away than 100.

Fall Harvest Brunch
The Latin Kitchen, September 2013. Fall has arrived. And these brisk mornings, we can think of nothing better than staying indoors, bundled up, sharing good food and warm drinks with friends and family.

Mexican Independence Day Menu
The Latin Kitchen, September 2013. Here you’ll find recipes for a Mexican Independence Day feast including an avocado margarita, clayuda with chorizo and roasted corn, chiles en nogada, habanero lime salmon, and a chocolate decadence cake. Viva Mexico!

How To Host A Rum Tasting Party
The Latin Kitchen, August 2013. Whether you’re a rum novice or a seasoned rum drinker, hosting a rum tasting party is fun way to spend an evening with friends.

Foodcrawling: Baltimore
The Latin Kitchen, July 2013. What Baltimore lacks in sparkle it makes up for in personality, and the city’s food scene, which is gaining some recognition in foodie circles, reflects the city’s history, culture and creativity.

Foodcrawling: Washington, D.C.
The Latin Kitchen, July 2013. The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is a hodgepodge of
different cultures and cuisines. Walk down one street and you’ll find a Peruvian restaurant next door to a French one.

Plan the Perfect Beach Picnic
The Latin Kitchen, July 2013. Maybe it’s the sun, or the salt air, or the water, but whatever it is there is something about the beach that always leaves me starving.

How to Pick the Perfect Scallop
The Latin Kitchen, June 2013. Scallops, mollusks with a fan-shaped ribbed or smooth shell, were once described to me as Poseidon’s truffles, and I think it’s the perfect way to describe the sweet, tender taste of a scallop.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic
The Latin Kitchen, June 2013. Ahh, the sweet and tranquil word: picnic. Alone, it
conjures up images of wicker baskets packed with food, red and white checkered tablecloths, and trying to tie the dog up far enough away from the food.

Say “I Do” to Latin Food Stations
The Latin Kitchen, June 2013. Flowers, fancy clothes, delicious food, wedding season is about to go into overdrive.

Summer Grilling: Veggie Lovers
The Latin Kitchen, May 2013. We’ve already covered everything meat lovers and seafood lovers need to know. This week, we’re all about vegetables.

Cumin 101
The Latin Kitchen, May 2013. Cumin. It’s the smell that wafts off the grill when summer seafood is sizzling. The smell that comes off of the stove when winter chili is simmering.

Summer Grilling: Seafood Lovers
The Latin Kitchen, May 2013. Memorial Day is fast approaching, and today, National Barbecue Day, our thoughts are turned to one thing: delicious backyard BBQs.

Summer Grilling: Meat Lovers
The Latin Kitchen, May 2013. With Memorial Day quickly approaching it’s hard to keep thoughts of summer from overtaking the brain.

Milk It (Still) Does A Body Good
The Huffington Post, April 2013. Lactose intolerant? That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to reap the benefits of a cold, refreshing glass of milk or other dairy products.

Sweet and Savory Creates Zest Fresh Pastry, February 2013. Pastry Chefs Erin Morris and Gabriella Withrow opened an artisan bakery in the Velvet Mill this past December.

How To Shuck Oysters
The Latin Kitchen, November 2012. Oysters, mollusks with a hard, gray-green irregular shaped shell and salty meat inside, are an acquired taste.

Dinners At The Farm A Celebration Of Connecticut Food, July 2012. In its sixth year Dinners at the Farm has an established following.

GMOs, Yes or No?
Hellawella, April 2012. Ask 10 people what they think of genetically modified foods and you’ll get 10 different answers

Saturday Morning Crepes, January 2012. The perfect breakfast for those with a sweet tooth.

Denison Farm Market Ushers In Summertime, June 2011. Mystic’s Denison Farm Market opens for business Saturday.

Quest for Rye’s Best Burger, July 2010. Burgers are a food favorite during the summer, but what Rye eatery has patties and buns that top all the rest?

Quest for Rye’s Best Ice Cream, July 2010. Summer time is synonymous with ice cream, but which place in Rye has the best scoop?

Quest for Rye’s Best Pepperoni Pizza, June 2010. Which eatery in Rye has the best pepperoni pizza?

Farm Dining in the Field and at Home
Condé Nast Traveler, September 2009. If you haven’t dined at one of Outstanding in the Field is traveling restaurants, it’s about time you did.

Farm Thrives as Demand for Local Flavors Blooms
Eat Well Guide, July 2009. As kids, Fred and Stacia Monahan spent their summers working on farms. In fact, working on the same farm in Connecticut as children is where they two first met. It was only natural that one day they would open and operate their own farm.

The Original
OZOlife, July 2009. Save the world, one cacao bean at a time. That’s the idea behind Original Beans, the dreamchild of a gourmet cook, small – farm developer, and nature conservationist.

La Cucina Italiana, June 2009. Across Italy, porcini are considered the king of mushrooms and are nearly an addicition, sought out for their large size, soft, meaty texture and lingering woodsy taste.

The Dairy Debate – A Snapshot of Raw Milk Legislation
Eat Well Guide, April 2009. The national debate over food safety and the right to choose what you eat continues, and as it has been for the last few years, raw milk is right in the thick of it.

La Cucina Italiana,April 2009. The Toionac people of the 15th centruy, from what is present-day Veracruz, Mexico, were the first to cultivate vanilla.

Mama Rosa
OZOlife, March 2009. You’ve never had breakfast until you’ve had one served truly farm to plate – we’re talking eggs straight from the chicken, homemade sausage made the farm’s own wild boar, fruit right off the tree. It doesn’t get more local or fresh than that.

Taste of the Region
OZOlife, March 2009. Knowing where your food comes from is all the rage these days. But sometimes, knowing how awesome that place is and knowing that you can’t get there can be a little maddening.

Cheese Whiz
OZOlife, January 2009. In a fit of New Year’s resolutions, we tried giving up dairy (yes, we read Skinny Bitch).

The Perfect Slice
OZOlife, December 2008. It takes real guts to claim perfection in New York. Just so happens, our idea of “perfect” is delicious pizza that makes you look and feel better.