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Slow Down and Savor the Countryside on This Irish Road Trip
Edible Long Island, September 2017. From a working Irish farm to a shop producing cheese with an unexpected ingredient, we map a laid-back road trip full of hidden gems.

Go Camping on a Farm Upstate With This Airbnb-Like Service
Edible Manhattan, September 2017. Thanks to a site called Hipcamp, it’s getting easier to combine camping with a taste of life on a farm.

Your Itinerary for the Perfect Weekend on the North Fork
PureWow, August 2017. Not that you’d ever get tired of the Hamptons, but if you need a change of pace, you’ll find all the ingredients for a dreamy weekend getaway just across the Peconic Bay. From the lush farmlands to the quiet beaches to the quaint towns, Long Island’s North Fork is full of charm and tranquility. Here’s how to make the most of a weekend there.

How to Have the Perfect Day on Shelter Island
PureWow, July 2017. You love the nonstop energy and grade-A people-watching in the Hamptons, but sometimes you need, well, a vacation from your vacation. That’s where Shelter Island comes in. A quick ferry ride from the Hamptons, the island feels like a whole other world.

Beyond Words Magazine, March 2017. Far off Portugal’s coast, roughly a third of the way to Boston lies a collection of islands that mesmerize. Called the Azores, the nine volcanic islands that stretch 250 miles east to west make up an autonomous region of Portugal that for decades was Europe’s hidden gem. That’s slowly changing as more and more people discover the archipelago of lush greenery, dotted with quaint historic towns surrounded by waters ripe with fish.

New Meets Old in Vienna
Beyond Words Magazine, December 2016. Vienna seduces you. Meandering cobblestone streets give way to imperial palaces, while coffee houses welcome you in, and music, literature and art surrounds you. The Austrian city is often overlooked by tourists for Europe’s other great capitals but venture off the beaten path and you’ll discover a city full of historic charm that simultaneously embraces modern life.

Get Lost in the Magical Beauty of the Faroe Islands
Beyond Words Magazine, November 2016. Halfway between Norway and Iceland lie the magical Faroe Islands, where cliffs rise up from the sea, fog gives way to rolling green landscapes, and tiny villages seem to appear out of nowhere. This is a place you need to witness to truly realize its beauty.

Tarangire: Tanzania’s Hidden Park for Elephant Lovers 
Beyond Words Magazine, August 2016. Baobab trees break up the grassy savannah plains before a meandering river turns the ground into swampland. The roar of a lion echoes in the distance, giraffes tower among the trees and elephants toss up sandy earth as their own brand of sunscreen. This is Tarangire National Park. It’s what you unwittingly picture when you think African safari, where animals outnumber people and where you’ll be humbled by the sheer size of our planet and your brief moment of time in it.

Go Glamping at the Vineyards this Summer
Beyond Words Magazine, June 2016. New generations of campsites are all about plush, luxury beds, pre-pitched tents and wine tastings. You read that right. As glamping or lux camping sites, once only someplace you stayed at on safari gain popularity stateside, some of them are becoming a retreat for wine lovers looking for a different type of vineyard vacation. Spend your days learning about wine from the vintners and your nights taking in the beauty of Mother Earth.

Your Travel Guide to Singapore
Beyond Words Magazine, June 2016. Off the mainland of Southeast Asia lies a city with both sophisticated towering high-rises and an untamed jungle. Singapore, the world’s only city-state, seems to have one foot in the present and one in its past. The 51-year-old country may be a global finance player but it’s also a place where treasured dishes are shared in open-air food markets. At just 300 square miles Singapore is easy to see in a few days, but takes a lifetime to fully understand. We’ve put together a list of must-sees that will have you communing with nature, sampling traditional Asian fare and shopping.

I Heart Mystic, Connecticut in One Day
Beyond Words Magazine, June 2016. Tucked off Interstate 95, between New York City and Boston, is an old whaling village where time seems slow and the hustle and bustle of city life gives way to laid-back New England charm.

Split between the towns of Groton and Stonington, Mystic, Connecticut is a magical place full of art, history and food. Named one of America’s most charming small towns by Country Living and the next Hamptons by The New York Post, Mystic is easy to get around, comes with heaps of quaint and enough quirkiness to make it easy to fall in love with in a single day.

9 Regions Every Wine Lover Should Visit
Beyond Words Magazine, May 2016. Row upon row of grapes, stunning landscapes and exquisite wines, vineyards are magical places. Whether you like your vino red or white, rosé or sparkling, there’s no denying there’s nothing quite like tasting wine at the vineyard it was produced. From South Africa to California and everywhere in between, the world’s wine regions provide the backdrop for must-visit vacations for wine lovers.

How Tourism is Helping to Revive West Virginia’s Coal-Based Economy
Beyond Words Magazine, April 2016. Put West Virginia on your list of places to visit. Maybe not this year, maybe not even next year but within the next five years West Virginia will be the new hot destination. The Mountain state is in the throes of a renaissance and a small army of artists, musicians, farmers and outdoor adventure types are working to revive the state’s coal based economy.

10 Must-Visit Cities for Beer Lovers
Beyond Words Magazine, April 2016. Whether you like your beer dark or hoppy, sour or fruity or simply something that tastes good after a long day, there’s no denying we’re living in a golden age of brews. From Pittsburgh to Tokyo and everywhere in between, brew masters have been busy the past few years, refining classics and creating new ones. In the process they’ve added to the identity of the cities they call home, creating must-visit destinations for beer lovers.

4 Days in Bocas del Toro
Beyond Words Magazine, January 2016. Off the mainland on Panama’s Caribbean Coast lies the remote and magical archipelago of Bocas del Toro. This is a traveler’s paradise and getting there is a hike, but then that’s true of almost all the best places. The journey from all over the world meets on Isla Colón, the main island of Bocas and the gateway to a place where hours are marked by meal times, boats are the main mode of transportation and lush green jungle meets expanses of beaches with sparkling blue water promising adventure.

10 Best Cities in the World for Coffee Lovers
Beyond Words Magazine, January 2016. You can tell a lot about a place from its coffee shops. Yes, coffee is a necessity; but the vibe of a city is in its coffee, whether it’s café con leche or a simple cup given during an elaborate coffee ceremony. A café where people rush in, order and hurry out speaks of a hyperactive culture, while an eatery where single origin pour is the must-have drink signals the baristas know the beans.

Walking With Elephants
Long Island Pulse, October 2015. Hiking through a jungle in northern Thailand I’m trying to take in the lush beauty of my surroundings when I feel something pushing against me, trying to reach into my pack. I hear someone yell: “don’t let them steal any food,” and can only laugh as Khun Deji a 5-year-old pachyderm elephant tries to stick his trunk in my pack.

Scouring the Jungle for Chocolate
Long Island Pulse, September 2015. Clomping through the jungle our guide leads us to a little shack. Shack is charitable. Really, it’s just a small wooden shed that doesn’t look as if it would survive a good gust of wind. Inside is a space no bigger than a closet, not the walk-in-kind. It’s here in this remote area in Central America we’ve come to learn about chocolate farming and production.

Glamping + Love: A Little Safari in Ithaca
Long Island Pulse, August 2015. Community campfires, homemade s’mores, twinkling fireflies; it’s camping season in the Northeast. Fall asleep under the stars, hear the wind rustle through the trees, be one with nature but don’t worry about having to sleep on rocks. Firelight Camps in upstate New York isn’t a traditional campsite.

Chasing Sea Scallops
Long Island Pulse, March 2015. In tiny Stonington Borough, Connecticut, at the spot where narrow streets give way to fishing docks and the smell of salt water becomes almost overwhelming, sits a tiny unobtrusive building. It’s here that scallop lovers from up and down the east coast come to buy Bomster Scallops directly from the family that fishes for them.

Explore the New New Orleans
Long Island Pulse, August 2016. There’s a magnetism New Orleans has that’s unfound anywhere else. Say you’re going to the Crescent City and people pause for the briefest of moments before becoming excited whether they’ve been there or not. Life slows in New Orleans, the unhurried warmth of the people soothes and the entire place seems full of endless possibilities.

6 Caliente Concessions at NFL Stadiums
The Latin Kitchen, October 2014. Delicious grilled fish tacos, loaded fajita nachos, juicy Cuban sandwiches; the nation’s stadium food has come a long way from hot dogs and chips. This year NFL stadiums are going local, sourcing food from neighborhood providers and sticking to flavors that pay homepage to the their city’s food roots.

iTunes App: Washington DC Chocolate Tour
GPS My City, July 2013. Washington, D.C., has gotten hip, especially the bustling food scene. There’s no better way to explore a city than through your stomach, and if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck. Chocolate in Washington, D.C. is everywhere. There’s handmade chocolate, chocolate from around the world and cafes with chocolate drinks. Explore, DC through these 15 chocolate eateries while catching up on American politics and history.

Foodcrawling: Baltimore
The Latin Kitchen, July 2013. What Baltimore lacks in sparkle it makes up for in personality, and the city’s food scene, which is gaining some recognition in foodie circles, reflects the city’s history, culture and creativity.

Foodcrawling: Washington, D.C.
The Latin Kitchen, July 2013. The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is a hodgepodge of
different cultures and cuisines. Walk down one street and you’ll find a Peruvian restaurant next door to a French one.

Travel spotlight: Bridge of Flowers
hellawella, September 2012. Long before renovating old bridges was cool — think New York City’s High Line — there was the Bridge of Flowers.

On Board And Off The Airbus A380, March 2011. A message for airplane companies, employees and passengers.

Spotlight On: Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa
Eat Well Guide, February 2010. As I pulled off the main road and through the gates of Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa, I immediately experienced a giddy feeling similar to going into a candy store as a child.

Watch Hill’s Ocean House Reborn
Condé Nast Traveler, October 2009. Summers on the shore, black-tie affairs, decked out ballrooms—the glorious yellow hotel known as the Ocean House that gazed over Watch Hill, Rhode Island for almost 150 years harkened back to an earlier time.

Ships Ahoy
OZOlife, June 2009. Tugboat tub expeditions, “deep-sea” pool dives – we all wanted to be marine biologists when we were little.

Bear Essentials
OZOlife, May 2009. Bears are amazing to behold.

Saddle Up, Cowboy
OZOlife, April 2009. The Wild Wild West is alive and kicking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid
OZOlife, March 2009. Live a la Bogart and Bergman with your own Journey Beyond Travel adventure.

Holy Cacao
OZOlife, February 2009. Move over Belize, FIJI, and Tahiti – there’s a new luxury island resort in the race for vacation destination du jour.

Go to Grow
OZOlife, February 2009. There are many ways to achieve personal growth.

Good Gets Ritzy
OZOlife, January 2009. The Ritz-Carlton is known for offering top-notch services to their guests.

Oh My Loch Ness
OZOlife, January 2009. Spotting the Loch Ness Monster requires a pair of binoculars and some luck.

Got Love, Will Travel
OZOlife, December 2008. Rochester based Go Philanthropic believes the best way to explore is to change the world without leaving a mark.

C’est Totally Tubular
OZOlife, December 2008. Besides achieving to-die-for bodies, a surfer’s primary mission in life is to be one with the ocean.

Welcome, Mr. President
OZOlife, December 2008. Heading to DC for Inauguration?

Eco Winos Unite
OZOlife, December 2008. For most people, Napa Valley equals wine, wine, and…um, more wine.

Tree Huger
OZOlife, November 2008. Monkey bars, trees, chairs, corporate ladders…we are born to be climbers.

Skis, not Cars
OZOlife, November 2008. The Swiss resort town of Zermatt has a crisp, clear view of the Alps that it tends on keeping.

Eco del Carmen
OZOlife, November 2008. Mom always taught us to make the best of what we had.