Rooftop Drinking Season

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It’s finally outdoor drinking season! Whether you’re imbibing on a rooftop, deck, porch, or even fire escape, the temperature is mild, the air is fresh and so are the cocktails. After a winter of comfort drinks, spring is the time when mixologists get innovative at the bar, mixing up light, refreshing sips full of the fruits and herbs of the season. And they’ve been busy…

Bartenders from Portland, Oregon to New York City shared some of the spring cocktails they’ve been working on with me for a spring cocktail roundup I did for The Latin Kitchen. Get ready to transition from winter to spring by muddling cucumber and basil for a late spring martini, shaking up cilantro leaves for a margarita or savoring the coming of rhubarb with a Rhubarb Rosemary Flip. 

Read the full piece on The Latin Kitchen or check out the pdf version and share you’re favorite spring cocktails in the comments. I’m also working on a summer cocktail roundup.

Stay tuned…

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