The Tranquility Project

Boats waiting for summer. Today's tranquility moment. 2.19.2013

Boats waiting for summer. Today’s tranquility moment. 2.19.2013

Spend too much time reporting on or just reading the news and it can appear like the world is about to implode. Bits of happiness can get lost in the horror that sometimes seems to overtake the news.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, my friend and former boss, Southeastern Connecticut Patch Senior Regional Editor Elissa Bass, started posting, to her Facebook page, a daily photo from her morning walk, calling the photo ‘today’s tranquility.’

At the beginning of 2013, as the Editor of the Stonington-Mystic Patch I turned those photos into The Tranquility Project. Each day, Stonington residents, Elissa and myself began sharing at least one photograph of a tranquil moment. It was our way of making sure we took at least a moment each day to stop, look and appreciate what we have around us.

Elissa’s tranquility project continues and I hope it continues at Stonington-Mystic Patch even though I am no longer there. I plan on continuing it here and encourage you to share your tranquility photos by tweeting them @breeshirvell with the #tranquilityproject.

After all we could all use some tranquility.

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