The year of simplicity in dining


Simplicity is the word for dining in Washington, D.C. At least in the coming year. As 2013, comes to close many restaurants are already beginning to create new dishes for the New Year and the overarching theme seems to be a return to the classics.

While the food scene in the District is continuing to evolve the area is becoming the place for chefs and mixologists to showcase dishes and cocktails created using classic techniques but with a modern twist.

Here are three things to look for when dining in D.C. in 2014

It’s all about local: The local food trend isn’t going away and restaurants in D.C., will continue to use local ingredients to shape menus.

Healthier, Greener Options: It’s not just the local food trend that continues but also the healthier and greener one. Restaurants will cater to all types of diets including those forgoing meat or bread and more and more chefs will use products sourced from local farms.

Virginia Wines: The local trend extends to wines where Virginia wines are king. Virginia is the nation’s fifth largest wine producer.

Bon appétit!

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