Toss or Keep? When to Replace Your Pots

A ruined pot can destroy food just as easily as adding too much salt to a dish. But treat your pots and pans right and they can give you a lifetime of delicious meals.

We were lucky enough to receive some gorgeous cooper pots for our wedding. You know, the kind that look like they should be hanging in the kitchen of a warm home in the country. We had just gotten the pots in the mail when the editors at The Latin Kitchen asked if I wanted to write a piece on when to replace pots it. Perfect timing. And after talking to experts David Malek of Gunter Wilhelm and Chef Matthew Burton of Carlisle Foodservice Products we decided we’d keep our gorgeous new cooper pots in storage until we get a bit more settled and can store them properly.

Here are some tips:

  • On nonstick pots, check for scratches that allow you to see metal under the coating. If you can see the metal it’s time to toss.
  • On other types of pots, if it doesn’t sit flat on a table it means the bottom has rounded, which can cause hot spots and allow sauces to burn. Time to toss.
  • And finally, if the handle or rivets are weak or loose, it’s dangerous to use the pot. Time to toss.

Check out Toss or Keep? When to Replace Your Pots for more tips on how to maintain and store your pots.

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