What does food justice mean to me?

Image: Real Food Real Talk

Image: Real Food Real Talk

What does food justice mean to you? That was the question Ray Gonzales, co-host and producer of the podcast and website Real Food Real Talk, recently asked me.

Real Food Real Talk covers the issues of the US food system while telling the stories of the people working to make meaningful change to the system. A part of Real Food Real Talk is their series “A Taste Of…,” in which they pose a question to seven people on food. Past questions have included, ‘what does the word foodie mean to you?” and “how do you feel about bottled water being banned in your system.” Each of the seven people asked the question offers an answer in 100 words or less.

It was an honor to be asked to participate, not to mention fun to come up with an answer and see what the other six people had come up. Hopefully, it fosters discussion.

So, what does food justice mean to me?

“Maybe our moms were right and life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive towards the ideal. That’s what food justice means to me. Trying to make how we grow, sell and eat food fair for all those involved. It means we have farms that are good for the environment, the farmers, the workers and the consumers. The worker gets a living wage, the consumer can afford to buy healthy, nutritious food, the farmer doesn’t have to worry about developers scooping up farmland because communities plan for and value farms and the environment is preserved for the future.”

Read what Kristina Johnson, Natsaha Bowen, Parke Wilde, Diana E. Limongi, Navina Khanna and Meg Favreau had to say on “A Taste of…What Does Food Justice Mean to you?”

What does food justice mean to you?

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