What Happens on Vacation Stays on Vacation

Summer is the time of year when you want to be spontaneous. Blow off a day of work to go to the beach, take a car trip to a random town just because that town played a role in your favorite movie, and then of course there’s the summer getaway.
A week spent lying on a beach, forgetting about all those emails and only using technology to instagraming every sunset you see. Summer vacations are the chance to relax and sometimes to do things you wouldn’t normally and maybe shouldn’t do at home.
Did you know that more than 37 percent of travelers have or would steal a saved beach chair from someone when they walk away? Or that 60 percent of men are likely to bribe someone for a chair? And that 51 percent of travelers would fool around outdoors on their next romantic getaway? At least according to a recent survey by Hilton Hotels that I helped turned into an infographic.

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