All About Grilling Veggies

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If you love your grill but also love meatless Mondays, never fear—there are plenty of ways to enjoy grilled veggies.

Saul Ortiz of Las Vegas’ Tacos & Tequila told me the secret to grilling vegetables is to work with the flavors. He suggests grilling summer squash, yellow corn and broccoli by mixing virgin olive or, oregano, lime juice and rock salt and then lightly grilling so they keep a crunchy texture. The oil-based mixture will help prevent vegetables them from sticking to the grill and keep them from drying out.

Get more grilling tips from the article I recently wrote for The Latin Kitchen. You can check our the article here or here. Practice your technique by making Grilled Green Tomatoes with Spicy Yellow Pepper Sauce and Grilled Polenta with Scorched Tomatoes & Grilled Argentinean Chorizo. And don’t forget to check out these summer seafood grilling tips and meat grilling tips.

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