Celebrate the holidays with these four foods

GroundNut stew. Photo by: Flickr Creative Commons Chicken Farmers of Canada

The best thing about the holidays is the gathering of friends and family around delicious food. Some of those foods are recipes passed down generations and some are newly tried dishes that might become a family tradition. Here are four holiday recipes for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas Morning and New Year’s Eve from around the world.

Flickr Creative Commons Chicken Farmers of Canada

GroundNut stew. Photo by: Flickr Creative Commons Chicken Farmers of Canada

Groundnut Stew for Kwanzaa

Peanuts, peppers and potatoes compose this vegetarian stew traditionally served during Kwanzaa. The seven-day holiday based on ancient African harvest celebrations begins Dec. 26. You’ll find many variations of the stew and if you want to add some meat to this recipe from Cooking Light, serve it with chicken.


Matzo Ball Soup for Hanukkah

Flickr Creative Commons WordRidden

Matzo Balls and Chicken Soup. Photo by Flickr Creative Commons WordRidden

Celebrate Hanukkah with a tasty and easy to make Jewish dumpling soup. This Matzo Ball Soup recipe from Smitten Kitchen creates light, matzo balls that will float on the soup that fills you up on a cold day.



Swedish Pancakes for Christmas Morning

Indulge in these light, almost thin as crepes, Swedish pancakes from the Food Network. Serve them with lingonberry jam on Christmas morning.

Meat pies. Photo by Flickr Creative Commons Takoyaki_King

Traditional Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Meat Pies

Meat pie known as “La Tortierre,” is a traditional French and Canadian Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dish. The history dates back to the 15th century when French mothers needed a quick dish to prepare in advance that could cook while the family attended midnight mass. A few centuries later the Canadians added meat to the pie. Make the French-Canadian version from Taste of Home.

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