Eat Your Way Through Washington, DC

chubacabra-mainWashington D.C., is a hodgepodge of different cultures and cuisines. Walk down one street and you’ll find a Peruvian restaurant next door to a French one. The city draws people from around the world for business and politics and the food scene reflects that. In the past decade, D.C. has exploded onto the culinary radar with celebrity chefs opening up restaurants, artisanal producers setting up shop, and food trucks dishing out street food.

Recently, I got to explore the Latin food scene in my new hometown for The Latin Kitchen’s Foodcrawling series. There are plenty of options for Latin food lovers including food trucks dishing up traditional street food, Latin fusion restaurants and of course your classic dishes such as Argentine asado. So, the next time you’re in D.C., and you’re craving Latin food try one these options.

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