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My experience in audience development combined with my writing background gives me a unique ability to create content that will reach your target audience. I’ve written sponsored content for brands including Hilton Hotels, ST Giles Hotels, Irving Farm and more. I’ve also overseen sponsored content campaigns for organizations and publishers such as JNTO, Edible Holding Studios and more. Below a selection of my sponsored content writing. For examples of campaigns, I’ve managed visit the digital strategy section of this site.

How This Made-in-NY Coffee Roaster Is Doing More Than Just Serving a Cup of Joe
Dan Streetman is on a quest for a fresh, bright cup of coffee. The vice president and green coffee buyer of made-in-NY success story, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters travels the world tasting dozens of cups at a time, selecting one or two to bring back to New York.

A Foodie’s Guide to Dining Solo in New York City
The first couple of times I dined solo I, freely admit it was awkward. For all of five minutes, that’s how long it took me to get over my fear—of everyone judging me, of what would I do with no one to talk to—and simply enjoy the meal. Dining solo has its advantages, especially while traveling. There’s no need to compromise with anyone, you can go wherever you want. You don’t have to listen to anyone loudly chewing their food. And in NYC it can be easier to secure a seat at that trendy restaurant you’ve been reading about. Whether you’re in the mood for brunch, dinner or an afternoon treat these places are made for dining solo. Step away from the Seamless App, grab a book or your iPad, if it makes you more comfortable and come hungry.

Why the High Line is Rooted in NYC
Venture west into the bustling Chelsea area of New York City, and you’re likely to stumble across a tranquil oasis: A 1.45-mile linear park built atop an elevated freight line.

Home to more than 110,000 plantings and 456 plant species, the High Line has become a popular destination for nature-craving New Yorkers, transforming the way we think about green space.

Yet, it almost didn’t happen.